About Us  

Date of Establishment: founded in October 2002 as a professional manufacturer of energy storage components.

Company positioning: as a world-class provider for energy and power management component products and related technology services.

Product lines

  • ULTRANANO Electrodes
  • ULTRAPACK Super-capacitors
  • CPK Multi-function Vehicle Electricity Management Kits
Professional R&D


We have a professional physical, chemical, and mechanical team. We uphold the spirit of both theory and practice, and focus on the development of high efficient energy storage devices. We have completely developed the components, such as ULTRAPACK supercapacitor, ULTRANANO electrodes, and the derivative products, such as CPK Multi-function Electricity Management Kit, and other varied product lines.

In order to meet the needs of the eco-friendly new-generation electric vehicles, we also developed a new-generation solid-state supercapacitor featuring: high-energy, high voltage, high-temperature resistance, high-voltage resistance, and high security properties. It is expected to replace the batteries of all existing electric vehicles.
Main business
  • The manufacture and sales of ULTRAPACK supercapacitors components and related modules.
  • The design, manufacture, sales, and customized services of ULTRANANO Electrodes.
  • The manufacture and sales of CPK Multi-function Electricity Management Kit.