There is now hope that supercapacitors will be the new kind of green energy in this century because of their great advantages of fast charge/ discharge, no environmental pollution, long life-cycle, etc. In many areas such as technology research, energy supply, vehicle transportation, mobile communication, aerospace, maritime transportation, and military defense, etc., there is a wild range of applications and a huge market value and potential for supercapacitors, for example, in vehicle booting, energy recovering on vehicle braking, emergency power supplying for electronic communication equipment and wind turbine pitch system, output voltage & power stabilizing, remote meter reading, electrical energy storing for street and traffic signal lights.
For supercapacitors with the outstanding performance and a wide range of applications, there is strong development and growing expansion in supercapacitor market worldwide. The growth rate of supercapacitor market worldwide is more than 15% from 2005 to 2008. Global market size will reach 5.2 billion of 2010 from 3.6 billion of 2008.
There are several countries that undertake R&D in supercapacitors. U.S., France, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Switzerland are the technologically leading countries, and China strives to catch up with them. The main foci of all countries on supercapacitor development are electrolytes and electrode materials with high specific energy. Besides polycarbonate material, other highly valued electrode materials are metal oxides and conductive polymers.
We have a professional physical, chemical, and mechanical team. We uphold the spirit of both theory and practice, and focus on the development of high efficient energy storage devices. We have completely developed the components, such as ULTRAPACK Supercapacitor, ULTRANANO Electrodes, and the derivative products, such as CPK Multi-function Electricity Management Kit, and other varied product lines.
In order to meet the needs of this new generations environmentally -friendly electric vehicles, we also developed a new generation solid-state super capacitor featuring: high-energy, high voltage, high-temperature resistance, high-voltage resistance, and high security properties. It is expected to replace the batteries of all existing electric vehicles.



Product benefits




Low impedance, low heat generation, high-voltage resistance, non- polarity

High safety products
High stable equipments

Factory facilities
High-end products


Rapid response

High resolution devices
High sensitivity devices



Instantaneous supply of high current

Inductance components

Magnetic coil components
Motors relevant

Cordless devices that need high current by batteries

Mobile device, UPS, Robot, LED flash, toys


High suitability for severe environment

Vehicles, factory environment

cars, boats, planes
Automation equipment


Low leakage current

Mobile devices, hand-held devices

Notebook, PDA, GPS, smart phone, sensor network


Circuit types




Voltage regulators

Voltage stabilizers,
Ignition systems

Increase devices’ power efficiency


Cathode-ray instruments

Sputtering devices,
Plasma circuits

Extend conducting time


Power supply,
High efficiency converters

High-power power supplies
PFC controllers

Enhance the instantaneous maximum power value


Analog output circuits

High-end stereo set

Lower the output noise


Analog input circuits

Medical testing equipment
Signal filter circuits

Lower the input noise


Dynamic power storage

Battery charging circuit

Increase charging efficiency


Potential energy recovery systems

E.V. braking energy recovery circuits
Supercapacitor Energy Saving System for Rubber-Tyred Gantry Crane

Increase recharging rate


Multiple Inductance composite system

Relay array
Large LED panels

Decrease contact jitter
Fasten reaction response


Servo system

Motor Array
Servo Array
Valve Array

Simplify program for control limitation
Increase stability

Multiple high-power composite system

Disk array
Laser devices

Increase extension capability

Intermittent high-current output devices

LED flash

More rapid response